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A thought-provoking and comprehensive look at uncovering the root causes of persistent racial inequalities in the workplace, Dr Carlton Brown begins by examining the history of racial discrimination and how it has shaped the societal context in which organisations operate. He argues that despite concerted efforts towards diversity and inclusion, organisations often fail to create equitable spaces for people of colour. He highlights the paradoxical nature of these failures, where organisations simultaneously praise themselves for progress while maintaining deeply ingrained racial hierarchies. He exposes the prevalent racial biases, discrimination, and exclusionary practices that persist within many organisations, revealing the disconnect between intention and reality. He highlights how these issues not only hinder the personal and professional growth of individuals from marginalised communities but also impedes the overall success and progress of organisations.
A comprehensive look at the state of race-relations in the workplace The Race Paradox is a perfect guide to understanding why discussing race and addressing it in the workplace is vital in today's world.

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