LOTE by Shola von Reinhold wins the Republic of Consciousness Prize!

We are delighted that #Twentyin2020 novel LOTE by Shola von Reinhold was awarded this year’s Republic of Consciousness Prize.

LOTE was a standout manuscript from our call for submissions to the #Twentyin2020 campaign. Jacaranda CEO Valerie Brandes said; “It was a standout among the many submissions as the author had created such a unique world in which they pictured Blackness and Queerness in a literary milieu that in Britain is all too familiar, but within which neither blackness (and more specifically black queerness) is rarely if ever depicted. Shola's work looks at a hugely significant time for the development of art and creative expression, especially among the still outlawed British gay community of the twenties and thirties.

About the prize Valerie commented, “The RoC Prize is one we always hope to have a submission for. The way in which the Prize is organized to respect the author, the publisher and booksellers, sets a new paradigm for prizes, one that works especially well for small presses.”

The Republic of Consciousness Prize 2021: Winner Announcement from Republic of Consciousness on Vimeo.

 LOTE's editor, Cherise Lopes-Baker said; "When I first read Shola's submission, the power and potential of their words flew right off the page. It was immediately clear we had something special that had been lovingly crafted and intricately layered. Shola masterfully harnessed multiple narrative devices that call and respond to each other, combining to revise and rebuild their own history. LOTE analyses themes of beauty, luxury, preservation and power through an intersectional lens as it explores the insidious systems that collude to obscure, destroy and bury Black Queer history. It exposes archives that, in their erasure, preserve only racism. In equal measure, Shola challenges and indicts, mesmerises and indulges, inspires and empowers their audience with incredible humour, grace, and beauty. It has truly been an honour to work with them on this divine masterpiece."

We are so proud of LOTE and grateful to the Republic of Consciousness for their work in recognising and supporting small presses and bookshops in the UK.

LOTE is available from Jacaranda Books Online and your local bookshop.