Jacaranda's 12 Days of Giftmas!

On the first day of giftmas my dear love gave to me... 

Who said a book lovers' dream the list doesn't exist? Right here, the ultimate readers delight.

12 books for 12 moods. Find the perfect gift for the reader on your Christmas list. 

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Creatures of Passage by Morowa Yejidé 

This is the perfect gift for any fiction head. With a dash of magical realism, this atmospheric and haunting novel was longlisted for the Women's Prize for Fiction 2022.

Nephthys, daughter of Horus and twin sister of Osiris ferries souls in her taxi cab in Washington, DC. When her great-nephew, 10 year old Dash, shows up on her doorstep with a mysterious note from the River Man, a community must ban together to save the young boy and in doing so, reclaim themselves.

With Your Bad Self by Kerika Fields

Know someone who gets overwhelmed by a 200+ page book? Well, With Your Bad Self is perfect for them! At under 80 pages this witty, heartfelt and gut-wrenching historical fiction novella will wet any budding reader’s appetite. 

Marie and Benjamin are in love, but World War II is approaching and so is the military draft for Benjamin. But one adversity after the other forces them to separate.

Heartbroken, Marie can only keep surviving while hoping that Benjamin comes back to her. But while he's away, another man comes knocking on her heart. Pushed to marry him by everyone around her, Marie needs to make a tough decision-waiting for Benjamin and following her dreams to see the world or move on with her life with another man?

Pleasantview by Celeste Mohammed

Looking for something unique, a book that explores the realities of different lives? 

Written in a remarkable combination of Standard English and Trinidad Creole, Pleasantview showcases the entrenched political, racial, and class dichotomies of life in Trinidad: the generosity (yet cruelty) of the average Trini; the sense of optimism (and yet, despair) which permeates everyday interaction; and the musicality of Caribbean creole (kriol) expression that masks an ingrained and frequently violent patriarchy.

The Marrow Thieves by Cherie Dimaline

Is there a young lover of scifi and dystopia on your Christmas list? Marrow Thieves is for them.

Frenchie is hunted and on the run, as are all other indigenous people of North America. They are being hunted and harvested for their bone marrow, as the marrow is the key for the rest of the population to recover the ability to dream. This stunning post-apocalyptic series sees Frenchie race to reclaim his heritage and save his family.

Finding Folkshore by Rachel Faturoti

Perfect for a young bookworm, give them the gift of a fantasy novel with, rebellion and found family!

Welcome to Finding Folkshore, where average teen Fola Oduwole is transported into a hidden part of London, Folkshore. Trapped in this fairy-tale land, Fola uncovers the local Assembly’s deceptive ‘regeneration’ plans and she needs to decide what is worth fighting for.

Queen Charlotte Sophia: A Royal Affair by Tina Andrews 

Do you know any lovers of Historical Fiction and reimagined lives of British Royals? 👸🏽

In an atmosphere of abolition and revolution, Queen Charlotte Sophia, Britain's most famous (possibly) mixed-race Princess comes alive in this reimagined story of her life where romance, adventure and politics collide. 

With the weight of a family mystery around her neck, Queen Charlotte learns what happens when love and legacy are at odds. On one side, is her secret true love Johann Christian Bach and the passionate life he offers, and on the other, her husband King George III and the impactful life her relationship with him provides.

Sister Nature: The Education of an Optimistic Beekeeper by Jess de Boer 

Despite the winter weather, there's always someone planning for spring. But book would interest the Plant Parents on your Christmas list? Sister Nature! 

Kenyan beekeeper-turned-farmer Jess de Boer embarks upon a decade-long journey to find purpose and potential in the explosive world of regenerative agriculture.

From honey hunting in the last remaining pockets of rainforest in southern Ethiopia, to gardening in the depths of Kenya's largest slum; Jess takes you to the arid lands of Northern Kenya where a group of pioneering farmers have begun to connect the people with the dust beneath their feet.

Ghost Season by Fatin Abbas

But what about the seasoned reader? The one who looks for the highest quality of writing, characters and social commentary in their books. Look no further than Ghost Season. 

With supreme skill and reverence, capturing shards, stillness and chaos, Fatin Abbas delivers a novel that gallops close and parallel to current events in Sudan.

A dynamic, beautifully orchestrated debut novel connecting five characters caught in the crosshairs of conflict on the Sudanese border. Amid the paradoxes of identity, art, humanitarian aid, and a territory riven by conflict, William, Layla, Dena, Alex, and Mustafa must forge bonds stronger than blood or identity. Weaving a sweeping history of the breakup of Sudan into the lives of these captivating characters, Fatin Abbas explores the porous and perilous nature of borders.

Finding Home: A Windrush Story by Alford Dalrymple Gardner & Howard Gardner

If a budding historian has a question mark by their name, we bet they'd love Finding Home 😉 

Alford Dalrymple Gardner is one of the few living passengers to have travelled on the Empire Windrush. He is one of 10 whose portrait was commissioned by King Charles, and appears in the BBC's Windrush: Portraits of a Generation special. Now published for the first time, this is his stirring life story.

Born in 1926 in Kingston, Jamaica, Alford Gardner first came to England in 1944 to support the war effort, serving in the RAF. After a brief stay back in Jamaica, he decided to return to England to help to rebuild the country. He boarded the HMT Empire Windrush intending to build a life in the country he once called home. Despite a less than accommodating welcome back, he persisted and succeeded in forging a better life for his family.

News at Noon by Anietie Isong

For the political satire enthusiasts! Get into this Nigeria set tale.

This satirical reflection draws parallels from the COVID-19 global health crisis with the fictional arrival of Ebola in Nigeria. From bumbling politicians to many believers denouncing science in favour of their God, human response is similar all over the world. It will be up to journalist Ifiok and his quest for leadership to put a stop to misinformation.

Love Again by Rasheda Ashanti Malcolm

Who doesn't love a fake dating trope? This one is for the romance readers! 

Honey Fontaine is at her wits end with her mother's attempts to marry her off, and she's has had enough. Honey decides to enlist the support of Ashley Elliot, a well-off club owner and determined flirt, who will pretend to be Honey's man. Ashley is not Honey's usual type, but she finds herself increasingly drawn to him and what a relationship with him could be like. When the latest of her mother's picks proves to be unexpectedly attractive to her, Honey finds herself suddenly forced to have to make a choice. Stability or passion, comfort or risk? What will Honey do?

If I Don't Have You by Sareeta Domingo

Another one for the romantics, If I Don't Have You gives love at first sight, angst, hope and passion. 

Beautifully centring vulnerability while exploring the limits of love at first sight. Ren is an Afro-Brazilian filmmaker recovering from a heartbreaking betrayal, while Kayla is a Black British artist and journalist. Thrown together during an interview for Ren's latest film, they are struck by an irrevocable force. The two surrender to one night of searing honesty and passion, which leaves them with more questions than answers about the future. With secrets lurking between them, letting their romance continue could upend the lives Ren and Kayla have so carefully built. But can they really risk losing their electric connection?

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