Coming March 2024: A Quick Ting On Grime by Franklyn Addo

Jacaranda expands its music book collection with the ‘timely and expository’, A Quick Ting On: Grime by Franklyn Addo to be published on 13th July 2023. 

The fifth book in the groundbreaking A Quick Ting On, edited by the illustrious Magdalene Abraha, will be coming out in a year where Black British culture continues to be unpacked from a grassroots level by voices that both shaped and were moulded by the pioneers of the culture.

Acquired by Magdalene Abraha from the author, this will be Addo’s literary debut, a feat that puts him alongside his AQTO contemporaries which includes the likes of Rui Da Silva, Christian Adofo, Tskenya-Sarah Frazer, Zainab Kwaw-Swanzy and forms part of the legacy of the series.

A Quick Ting On Grime will cover the influence of Grime on contemporary British culture and music, how it has informed fashion trends, language and politics. Addo uses his powerful lyrical prose to chronicle the genre’s cultural impact and investigate how it has become the voice of a generation. 

Addo is a social commentator, journalist, youth worker and rapper whose work revolves around the promotion of social justice. He has written articles for publications including The Guardian, The Independent and Sky News, and has been featured in The New Yorker. He has produced a short documentary on crime induced trauma for BBC3 and a narrative about the human consequences of inequality for BBC Radio 4's 'Four Thought' programme.

Franklyn works directly with young people, in settings ranging from schools and youth clubs to prisons and hospitals, working with young victims of stabbings, shootings and other incidents of serious violence.

On the impending publication of his debut, Addo said: “I’m gassed that A Quick Ting On Grime will finally be going out into the world. This book indeed is a necessary personal endeavour. It’s an intimate and subjective view of Grime through my lens, a love letter if you will. It speaks to cement how influential Grime has been for Black British music, as well as for the entertainment industry more generally and for independent artistry.” 

About the series: A Quick Ting On, is the first book series of its kind. Created, curated and produced by young writer and award-winning publisher Magdalene Abraha FRSA. A Quick Ting On is a non-fiction