What to read after Caribbean Heritage Month

June was Caribbean Heritage Month and we joined Cindy from @BookofCindz to encourage readers to read books about the Caribbean from Caribbean authors. Just because June has ended it doesn't mean that this can't continue.

Haitian writer and author of Living the Dream, Isabelle Dupuy has given us three books that she loves and encourages everyone to read:

  • Edwidge Danticat, Everything Inside, a collection of short stories set in-between Haiti and the Haitian community in Miami, USA.
  • Marie Celie Agnant, The Book of Emma, a beautiful novel about the legacies of colonialism and personal trauma through the story of a woman who won't speak the coloniser's language.
  • Marie Vieux Chauvet, Love Anger Madness, three novellas that explore the terror of Papa Doc's regime and its effects in the intimate lives of three women