An open letter to the our readers, supporters and the Black community

Dear Readers, Supporters, and the Jacaranda Books Family,

The last few days, weeks and months have been extremely difficult, particularly for our Black community. Our hearts and prayers go out to all who have suffered unimaginable losses at this time.

Like us, many of you may be feeling a great deal of pain, rage, frustration, helplessness or hopelessness. As Black people in particular, and minoritised people more broadly, we are attacked from all sides, be it in business, education, health, or our very right to live. The immense mental and emotional strain of the constant global onslaught of negative news and imagery on our psyche cannot be underplayed.

We are reaching out to let you know that you are not alone.

Your feelings are valid: they matter, you matter, we matter. Black Lives Matter.

It is in moments like this that we must come together, to be strong collectively, to reassure each other, and our younger generations that we have, we can and we will get through this. 

We implore you to take a moment for self care, to assess and focus on your emotional and mental well-being.  We know that social media is a powerful means of connection and expression for us, but take a break: don’t watch the videos or any other triggering content, avoid anything you find triggering. Take the time to do things you love and that make you feel whole.


Stay safe and stay strong. 


There are many organisations and resources available to help you get through this time including: 

Though there seems no end to the oppression, together we will make a change. There is strength in community, there is power in unity, and there is always, always hope. Our voices, our activism, our stories can make a difference, but only if we are in a place of strength. Our young people need our strength right now - together we will work for a better future for us all.


With love and solidarity,

Team Jacaranda Books