A Quick Ting On Plantain extracted for Delish Magazine

Delish Magazine has adapted an extract from Rui Da Silva's debut book, A Quick Ting On Plantain. The second title in Magdalene Abraha's A Quick Ting On series, A Quick Ting On Plantain was published on March 31st.

The article, titled "Black British Communities Amplify The Significance Of Plantain In The UK", explores the international expansiveness of the fruit, highlighting its cultural relevance across the diaspora.

The extract reads as follows: "It’s Black British diasporas that amplify the significance of Plantain in Britain. It’s our communities who give life to the long-standing lingual warfare that is “Plan-tain” vs. “Plan-tin”, and the Black British movement that creates safe spaces to discuss the beauty of the fruit. We have assumed a de facto ownership of the fruit that knows no boundaries, claiming Plantain wholeheartedly with both our hands and refuse to give it up...."

"A Quick Ting On Plantain is the first comprehensive book on Plantain, featuring uncovered history, never heard before stories and unique recipes. This insightful book traces the international history of Plantain; delving into contemporary issues surrounding the fruit, such as inflation, gentrification and social media. The book is part of A Quick Ting On, the first non-fiction Black British book series created and produced by writer and award winning publisher Magdalene Abraha."

You can read the entire brilliant extract here.