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Queen Charlotte Sophia

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In an atmosphere of abolition and revolution, Queen Charlotte Sophia, Britain's most famous (possibly) mixed-race Princess comes alive in this reimagined story of her life where romance, adventure and politics collide.

From a German backwater to the capital city of the most prolific Empire in the world, we journey with Queen Charlotte as she tries to discover the truth of her family's secret heritage, guided by an amulet and wooden chest left to her upon her father's death. Armed with a birthmark and bearing a complexion that reveals her silenced lineage, Queen Charlotte charges through the royal court of London, seeking answers, making allies and guarding secrets.

With the weight of the amulet around her neck, Queen Charlotte learns what happens when love and legacy are at odds. On one side, is her secret true love Johann Christian Bach and the passionate life he offers, and on the other, her husband King George III and the impactful life her relationship with him provides.

A daughter. A lover. A fighter. A Queen. Tina Andrews's Queen Charlotte Sophia: A Royal Affair, offers a fantastic portrait of a woman, whose life continues to fascinate the world.





Jacaranda Books is proud to announce the five members of its inaugural Advisory Board: international bestselling author Dorothy Koomson, media and PR consultant Richard Adeshiyan, writer and academic Lina Liederman, author and former City trader Isabelle Dupuy and independent consultant Solomon Rose.

The formation of the Advisory Board comes as a part of Jacaranda’s commitments under the National Portfolio Organisation programme by Arts Council England (ACE). From 2023 there is an increased focus by the Arts Council on the governance arrangements that its National Portfolio Organisations (NPOs) have in place as a key measure of a ‘well run’ organisation.

The new focus has been welcomed by Jacaranda’s management team, who see accountability and good governance as essential to the future of the business. The advisory board also serves a wider goal for the press, which last year celebrated 10 years in the book trade.

CEO Valerie Brandes spoke of the essential role that the board will play in Jacaranda’s long term growth strategy: ”The realisation of the advisory board marks a key transition in the development of Jacaranda as a business. The breadth of knowledge, expertise, and passion that they each bring, augurs very well for the continued growth and development of our publishing and means we can now look to the future with confidence. I am excited about what the board represents and what we will accomplish moving forward."