Every Boy Should Have a Man by Preston L. Allen

  • £8.99

Imagine a post-human world where Oafs rule what is left of the planet. Humans have been reduced to a subspecies called mans and are kept as pets. And a boy oaf and his beautiful pet mans will teach us about love, justice and bravery.

A poor oaf dreams of having a pet man of his own but every chance seems to be thwarted, until one day he arrives home to find little Red Sleeves on his bed with a note from his father. Fierce, feisty and loyal, with incredible musical talent, Red Sleeves is a perfect pet, and a bond develops between her and the boy oaf as they navigate the harsh, unjust reality of their dystopian world. When Red Sleeves gives birth to a daughter, Red Locks, their lives begin to change, as young Red Locks becomes a symbol of bravery, hope and the possibility of a new world.

Every Boy Should Have a Man is an epic fable about love in all its forms, and the unbreakable power of hope, set against the backdrop of poverty, discrimination and environmental destruction. Preston L. Allen has crafted a heart-warming allegory on life’s most resonant questions, making it essential reading for our times.