Taty Went West by Nikhil Singh

  • £9.99

Travellers called the Zone ‘the Land of Strangers’: the place where anyone could escape anything, and where the lost things lay.


Taty is a troubled adolescent living with her equally troubled mother in the suburbs of the Lowlands. In a moment of uncontrolled anger she finds her life changed forever and, hiding a terrible secret, she runs away, heading West into the Outzone.

It is clear that this is no ordinary story when she is captured by a malicious imp, befriended by an evangelising robotic nun and wooed by a transgender hoodlum, leading her further down the rabbit hole.

Navigating the collapse of an already chaotic society, Taty struggles against present danger while confronting the demons of her own past.

With moustachioed wrestlers, marauding Buddhist Punks, a feline voodoo surgeon and the presence of the enigmatic, disfigured Dr. Dali, Taty takes on a highly unique universe and emerges as a heroine whose petulant nonchalance hides a mighty spirit.